Sunday, March 11, 2007

Gushue - Howard (ends 3 and 4)

End #3 (Gushue 2, Howard 1 going into it)

So why didn't Howard freeze into that pocket at the end of the second end? Anyway, Gushue made good shots, and Howard didn't, so, as Alan noted, Gushue picked up his two.

To lead off the third end, Korab's first two shots drifted behind the t-line for NF/L. Savill was unable to freeze tight to one of them for ON, allowing NF/L to clear some. Then with a better freeze, NF/l was able double off the rocks on the other side of the house.

Lots of action inside the house, with only one guard that isn't in play. Unusual strategies at this level. Nichols (NF/L) made an impressive hit and freeze, followed by a neato tap by Hart for Ontario.

What a fabulous double from Gushue to lie two with his last rock! Howard tried a thin double, leading to yet another measurement (and more banter between the teams), and (barely) gets his two. Ontario leads 3 - 2.
As Alan says, "Don't you just love curling 'trash talk'?" It's a so much nicer thing than basketball or football.

End #4 (Ontario 3, NF/L 2):

It looks as if the dominant strategy at the top level these days is for teams without the hammer to throw their rocks to the top of the 4' and then set up a centre-line guard. Ontario, following this strategy, started this way. Korab missed his shot, but Schille made an excellent double followed by a great hit and roll to leave NF/L in good position to get two this end.

After some exchanges, NF/L was left with two biters at the top of the 12'; Hart hit and rolled just a bit to sit as shot rock. Nichols overthrew his second shot, though, setting up a Howard attempt for a long double, but he ticked the rock in the back, pushing it behind the ON guard.

Let me ask again, "What is with the ice?"

Gushue picked, but Howard couldn't capitalize, setting up an easy draw for two for NF/L.

NF/L 4, ON 3

Gushue's admonition to his sweepers was very telling: "Keep your brooms on the ice!"



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