Sunday, March 25, 2007

Canada Leads Denmark 4-3 after 5 Ends

I set my alarm for 1am this morning so Ms. Eclectic and I could get up to watch the 2007 Women's World Curling Championship match between Canada and Denmark. To put it mildly, Canada had blown Denmark away in the their first two meetings, but after Denmark's come-from-behind victory over Scotland, Denmark was looking stronger than they had in their previous three games, all of which they had lost.

Canada started strong, taking two with the hammer. Then each team forced the other to take one. In the fourth end, Denmark took two with the hammer, and then Denmark forced Canada to take just one on a good tap up in the fifth. Overall, as the CBC commentators have emphasized, Kelly Scott has saved the Canadian bacon in almost every end.

So going into the sixth end, Canada leads 4-3, but Denmark has the hammer.



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