Tuesday, April 03, 2007

What Good Is Hi-Rez If You Miss Seeing the Shots?

I am stuck in my workplace today and must sneak peeks at the 2007 Men's World Curling Championships via TSN's broadband telecasts. I must say the resolution of the pictures is distinctly superior to that of CurlTV. But that isn't worth much in many ways because the TSN broadband telecast kept freezing up on me during the morning draw (I'm writing this before the afternoon draw).

I couldn't believe it: On Glenn Howard's last shot of the 7th end, I could see the rock leave his hand and start sliding down the ice, but then the picture froze. I could hear the rock hit something, and hear the exclamations, but I didn't see the shot. Then suddenly, the picture was back, showing the French team conceding and shaking hands with the Canadians. And I managed to sort of see a replay (but with lots of jerkiness to it).

Hi-res is good if you don't miss the shots. I'm finding the same thing with MLB.com.

Maybe by next year, CurlTV will bump up its resolution and TSN will improve its reliability. Let's hope so.

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