Friday, February 08, 2008

Harris Howard - Draw 11 of the TSC Tankard

Sorry - got waylaid by a Hitchens debate link on the Blogosphere.

So far good trading of getting 1's and 2's - 3-all after 4.

End 5: Harris scores 3 on a delicate pick. Harris 6 - Howard 3.

Ed Werenich is one of the commentators, and very entertaining.
but many ends to go.
Current scores would create a lot of tiebreaks, and let Harris' rink finish second as well.

End 6: Howard makes a solid straight hit for 2. Harris 6 - Howard 5.

Some nice memorable shots of Werenich - a very wobbly, but successful, delivery.

Intermediate scores now suggest a three-way tie for fourth.

End 7 : Too hard to describe but delightfully complicated. Beautiful raise at the end gives Harris 2.

Harris 8 - Howard 5.

On current form, still likely three-way tie for fourth.

End 8 : Howard draw for 1 against 3 Harris stones, makes it.

Harris 8 - Howard 6.

By the way, John Epping is throwing skip stones for the Harris rink.

We now have at least a three-way tie for fourth so there is a round at midnight. (Lobel, Middaugh, and Tuck are in - Turcotte is behind Corner but could with a turnaround join the crowd.)

End 9 : Harris gets 1, and Howard concedes.

Meanwhile, the Corner rink has finished second overall.

Tiebreakers will come later. It is the three - another match at midnight - Tuck vs Middaugh.

Rogers is broadcasting but I have no idea that I can be up so late! Till later in the weekend.


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