Sunday, March 16, 2008

2008 Brier - 10th end; Alberta 5, Ontario 4

I didn't see the first rock, did you?

Martin tries to move an Ontario centre guard, but knocks it off, so it gets replaced. Laing draws around it to the button, but Kennedy (Alberta) does a nice come around nose hit.

Laing's second shot was a bit wide, allowing Martin to try to peel the centre guard, but then Kennedy missed the peel. Two sort-of misses in a row by these teams? It must be the ice (and unclean air?).

Morris (Alberta) then peeled the guard and doubled off one of the Ontario rocks from the rings.

Guard. Peel. As Alan wrote about the 9th end, "Lather, rinse, repeat."

Martin peels with his first rock. Howard draws to the top 12, but off centre. With Ontario sitting two, including one in the 4-foot, Martin is left with a draw to win.

Friggn CBC didn't even show us the end of the shot! What jerks! They would rather show us Alberta hugging than show us how close the shot was. I cannot wait for TSN to start covering these events!

Anyway, either team would represent Canada well, but given the way they have been curling these past few weeks, it is clear that Martin's team was better than Howard's and deserves to go on to the World's.

Yea! Ms. Eclectic wins $4 in the curling club pool!



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