Sunday, March 16, 2008

Don't Get Me Wrong

It is not as if things are worse than they used to be.

The CBC has been reverentially running an ad in which one of their beloved correspondents said, "No one looked more like a curler than Ernie Richardson".

This is meant to display the high quality and intelligence over many years of their coverage. Huh?

It does show me the consistency of the quality of the coverage and intelligence.

(Obviously Ernie Richardson looked like a curler. So did Ed Werenich.)

I think the good news is that in curling you just need a camera pointed into the house, and one that can roughly follow the rock. I think I could do a pretty good job with one friend and two camcorders. The CBC does a decent job.

Do they even do it in HD yet? (I am not prepared to go to my basement to find out.)

Thanks heaven they have Mike Harris!


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