Sunday, March 16, 2008

2008 Brier - 4th End; Alberta 3, Ontario 1

I can't believe Howard missed his final shot (a draw) in the third and ended up taking only one.

I also can't believe Scott Russell kept us away from the game with more in-the-stands interviews, though I'm sure Alan was delighted to see Jennifer Jones on screen again.

Wonderful run-back double by Laing to spill two Alberta rocks from the rings. And then impressive sweeping by Alberta's front end to keep Morris's first rock around the guard to remove the Ontario rock.

Do I detect some tension between the curlers on the Alberta team? Or is that just normal questioning among these players? And does it really matter?

Great run-back by Howard to remove Morris's rock, leaving Ontario lying two. Martin's draw is just a tad light. But Howard's attempt at a peel is again just a bit inside and rubs off the guard, leaving Martin with a draw for two.

What do you think Howard's curling percentage is after 4 ends? 69%. Martin's isn't much better, at 72%.



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