Monday, March 10, 2008

Sunday, some observations

The Howard, Martin, Simmons, and Burtnyk rinks all have perfect 3-0 records after play on Sunday. My overall impression was that while these rinks are good, they do not seem as dominant as Howard did last year. It will be interesting to see how they do the rest of the week.

Another general impression is that every team I have watched has made some pretty impressive shots.

The morning draw yesterday was available over the internet on CBC, not CurlTV. It looks as if CBC will be webcasting a few more draws in the future as well.

The pasting that Menard gave Nova Scotia in the evening draw was unusual at the Brier. Of course at the club level, scores like 13-2 are not unusual (having been at the short end of such a score myself on Saturday but then gone on to win our next two draws), but it also showed that Menard's rink has the talent to do well in the future.

And while the BC rink is 0-3, they are not that bad. Look who they have played and lost to so far: Ontario, Alberta, and Saskatchewan, all of whom are undefeated!

Finally, there's a chance that Russ Howard as TSN analyst had something useful to say. I don't know because his voice was so soft and the TSN sound engineers didn't or couldn't adjust the volume on his microphone so it would be the same level as Vic's. Here's hoping they get it fixed before the week ends.



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