Sunday, February 24, 2008

Jones Wins 2008 Scott Tournament of Hearts

Showing a steady hand and mind through the last eight games, the Jones rink from Manitoba won the 2008 Scott Tournament of Hearts, defeating the Kleibrink rink from Alberta by a score of 6-4 after Shannon Kleibrink missed/jammed a run-back double in the final end.

The Manitoba rink got off to a slow start during the week but won their last four games of the round robin to win a tie-break position in the playoffs and then won every one of their games in the play-offs.

The difference in the final was that Overton-Clapham (3rd for Manitoba) curled much better than she had during the earlier games, and Amy Nixon (3rd for Alberta) curled much worse.

Overall, I was puzzled by the Alberta strategy in some of the early ends, in which they opted to let Manitoba take two rather than attempt a freeze to force Manitoba to take one in those ends.

That said, Alberta controlled the last end, down one, and after an amazingly good shot (triple take-out) by Nixon was sitting four. Jennifer Jones had to make two very accurate draws to put the pressure on Shannon Kleibrink. Her first overcurled just a bit, allowing Kleibrink to pick it out. But the second was well-placed and forced Kleibrink to opt for the run-back double, which jammed.

The Jones rink from Manitoba will undoubtedly represent Canada well at the Worlds. Congratulations to them, and may they continue their phenomenal play and winning streak.



At 2/24/2008 4:44 p.m., Blogger Alan Adamson said...

I had predicted they would be tough, and it was fascinating to watch two such similar endings on one weekend, to this match, and to the semi-final in which Jones beat Middaugh/Ontario, again by giving Middaugh a very difficult shot to continue or end the match.
I am impressed at how they held on after early difficulties in the championship, was delighted to watch two great matches on the weekend, and even more delighted to watch the emotional response. I am also sorry Kleibrink's team could not have the same pleasure, but that is how sports usually work.


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