Saturday, February 09, 2008

Howard-Harris Again! Semi-Final

End 1 : Harris almost-freezes to a Howard rock in the button. Hart freezes to it. There is a center guard from Harris just in front of the house. HArris changes som angles - house is getting complicated. Werenich thinks he accomplished something but is not sure what.

Hart chips out a Harris stone.

Epping (Harris skip stones) chips one Howard rock out, and the shooter departs as well.Howard clears out two Harris stones, and lies 4. Harris plans to draw to the pocket and yield Howard a draw for 2. This looks very chancy to me. A small miss and I may be able to stop reporting.Epping puts it almost where asked but it may need another inch to keep the damage at 2. Howard draaws for 3.

Howard 3 - Harris 0.

End 2: Harris blanks a pretty clean end.

End 3: Sorry - dozed off. Looks like another blank.

End 4: House full of Howard rocks all end. Howard steals 1.

Howard 4 - Harris 0.

End 5: House once again perpetually full of Howard rocks. Harris gets 1.

I think I will run the risk and go watch The Last Picture Show on TVO.

End 6: My earlier experience (see previous post) makes me nervous about not checking in. Epping's last shot wrecks on a guard and allows Howard a successful draw for 2.

Howard 6 - Harris 1.

Back to the movie.

End 7: Howard cleans up a lot of compexity in the house. Harris takes 1, with some humorous comments.

Howard 6 - Harris 2.

Meanwhile in the movie, Sam the Lion has died. Remotes are great tools.

End 8: Epping makes a great shot doubling out two Howard stones and leaving a tricky shot for Glenn. Richard Hart shouts "Do you want to phone your brother?". Howard makes a possibly unintended great shot to take 1 and Harris concedes.

Corner - Howard tomorrow. Looks like a lot of fun!


At 2/10/2008 11:15 a.m., Blogger EclectEcon said...

Thanks, again, Alan for all the updates. I now understand even more how much readers of the blog appreciate the live-blogging when they don't have access to a television set.

Care to make a prediction for the final? Odd? Point-spread???

Howard by 2?

At 2/10/2008 12:10 p.m., Blogger Alan Adamson said...

Howard. I like watching Corner and Base work together too but Howard sure showed last night the ability to focus when up against the wall.


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