Saturday, February 09, 2008

Tuck-Lobel - Tie-Breaker #2 at the TSC Tankard

TieBreaker #1 was won handily by Wayne Tuck's Brantford rink over the Middaugh rink, and so he is playing Rob Lobel in the second tiebreaker.

The first end was a wild roller-coaster, full of pyrotechnics, finished by a cautious shot by Lobel to take 1. I missed the next two ends, in which each rink scored 2 with the hammer, so Lobel leads 3-2 after 3.

End 4 : With his last rock, Lobel tries to guard against a double that would let Tuck score 2. Tuck draws for 1.

Tuck 3 - Lobel 3.

End 5 : Masterful shot by Lobel for 4.

Tuck 3 - Lobel 7.

I likely will pay even less attention now.


End 11 (!!) : Tied 8-8 Lobel with the hammer, and uses his own first skip stone to clear one of his own rocks out of hte front of the house, leaving two Tucks stones, in the back of the 4-foot and 12-foot on the center. Tuck puts his rock to the top of the 8-foot on centerline, forcing Lobel to draw around it to become shot and winning stone. Lobel has not drawn in several ends. Nice draw, using the Tuck stone in the back of the four-foot as backing. It's Lobel into the Page.


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