Tuesday, February 19, 2008


No I am not willing to live-blog this one - too much work.

But I did want to repeat a line from the coverage - "It's always nice to look up and see the opposition making a raised angled takeout on their last shot for one". Perhaps to everyone's surprise, it is Jennifer Jones making that shot, and making it.

Still, after 4, Quebec are up 6-2. Will update later!

UPDATE: What a roller-coaster! The TV people have been making much of Larouche's leaning to drawing and guarding even with a big lead and it is clearly a major risk-reward deal. It was as close as 7-6 Quebec one end ago, now 10-6 Quebec heading into the 9th.

UPDATE: Quebec lead 10-8 into the 10th with the hammer. They seemed last end to have figured out how to hit.

UPDATE: 10th is full of funny Quebec skipping choices. After the 5th Manitoba rock we have long and short Manitoba guards on the centreline and a rock in the front of the four-foot, also centreline. Quebec remove the front rock. Manitoba put a second rock slightly off-line in the house from what they have - a good Quebec shot could kill both Manitoba rocks. And does! Down to skip rocks. Manitoba's rock seems not to curl, looks exposed, sitting in the the back of the 8-foot. Larouche clears Jones' rock. Manitoba concedes, does not even try a far-fetchedly possible split.

Quebec has beaten the two top-ranked teams in the country today, th rinks of Kleibrink and Jones. Great day for them. I like their spunk if not their good sense.



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