Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Joan McCusker's Blog

Yeah, I know we are halfway through the Scotties round-robin and have barely posted on it. But I did discover today Joan McCusker's blog on CBC sports (from watching the daily morning draw webcasts). In particular this post caught my attention.

In particular, the section of the post:

All-Star Good-Looking Team: Now, this tradition was started by the Schmirler team husbands in the 90’s (and they would always pick us and then a second all-star team!). Arguably, these are the frontrunners from my point of view:

Lead – Team Manitoba, Dawn Askins
Second – Team Alberta, Bronwen Saunders
Third – Team Quebec, Nancy Belanger
Skip – Team Manitoba, Jennifer Jones

OK there is still half a round robin to go and I can do some research but I take issue already with this.

Jennifer Jones is for me the Kate Beckinsale of curling, which I guess is conceding to McCusker's call here. But perhaps I would prefer the most attractive (to me) as a category. And then certainly at least Suzanne Gaudet and Shannon Kleibrink win that contest.

Now skip positions are easy as we all know the skips. I promise to pay attention going forward and report later in the week on the other positions.

UPDATE: I am working on front ends - Annie Lemay of Quebec is a great starting point. More in later posts.

Later - OK I see the point about Bronwen Saunders. I need to think some more.



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