Sunday, March 02, 2008

Canada Cup 2008

After squeaking past Jennifer Jones in the semi-finals, Kelly Scott's rink lost solidly in the finals to Lawton's rink, which demonstrated superiority at nearly every aspect of the game. But the big blow was a steal of three by Lawton, from which Scott was unable to recover.

On the men's side, in the battle of the Kevins, Kevin Koe's rink defeated Kevin Martin's rink in the men's final. The game was quite defensive most of the time as the teams alternately forced each other to take single points in the early ends. In the 10th end, Martin had a good chance to set up a steal of one to force an extra end, but his shot sailed about two feet too far, sealing a victory for Koe.

It was odd, seeing the men's final begin before the women's final had ended. It was especially odd since it looked as if cameramen had been on the ice that the men used. I had a sense that the tv contract was responsible for this overlap in coverage. Given that the women's match was not close in the last ends, I didn't mind not seeing every shot of both matches, but ordinarily I would.

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