Saturday, March 28, 2009

Canada Loses 3-4 Playoff

As I predicted on Thursday, Team Canada will not be in the finals of the 2009 Women's World Curling Championships. The Jones rink lost in eleven ends to Sweden, 5-4. Jones had the edge, being up 3-2 with the hammer in the 9th end. But they gave up a steal of two in the ninth and then took only one in the tenth, forcing an extra end. Sweden had the hammer and cashed in one for the win.

So no miracles this time; no rabbits out of hats. And no medals for Team Canada.

I wonder if TSN will still show the semi-final and final...

Update and correcton: Yes, TSN is showing the semi-final and final. But Canada is not necessarily out of the medals. TSN just mentioned there will be a bronze-medal game with, Denmark, the loser of the Denmark-Sweden game. I wonder if TSN will show that game....



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