Sunday, March 22, 2009

Canada Cup 2009 -- Bottom Half

Ferbey seems really on, but Nedohin seems just a tiny, tiny bit off. Martin seems to have recovered.

Speaking of being a bit off, I see that a bunch of what I write is disappearing and not being posted. Apologies to those who might be interested in following this game.

End 6: Nedohin is forced to draw for one.
End 7: Martin gets two as his very minor misses are less serious than Nedohin's very minor misses, but the deuce was set up when Ferbey missed a shot when he was bent out of shape about the clocks not working. As Ray said, he shouldn't have taken the shot until he calmed down.

It would be interesting to see the curling stats for this game. Too bad I can't find whether Curlcast is covering it.

End 8: What's with the Ferbey Team and their difficulty reading the ice in the second half? Nedohin's last shot doesn't curl much, giving up a steal of two for Martin. Martin 8, Ferbey 5 after 8.

Nuts. I'm losing too much of what I write. Don't know why. I'll post more at the end.



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