Sunday, March 15, 2009

Alberta Wins! Martin Wins! Doc Wins!

Alberta won the 2009 Tim Horton Brier, just as I predicted (thanks to Ms. Eclectic's having taken Howard, so I took Martin, just to make a bet of it). I'm really going to enjoy the fine dinner she must now buy for me!

At this point, it really looks as if nobody will every be able to beat the ALB rink. They were amazing in the Brier.



At 3/15/2009 11:52 p.m., Blogger Tudor said...

Any comments on TSN's coverage of the Brier final? It is a tie for me on who was worse - CBC or TSN. Ray's commentary suggests an early onset of dementia and an overwhelming bias of Manitoba roots. And, even though there was 40 minutes to go in the time allowed for TV coverage in the advertised schedule, we barely got to see the trophy hoisted atop the winners heads. Then 8 minutes of ads and more inane hockey coverage. Can you imagine the uproar if the celebrations after a Stanley Cup, the Super Bowl or Grey Cup were cut off at that point. No post game interviews except a quickie with Kevin Martin.
Do we have the former CBC production crew in charge again?

At 3/16/2009 2:50 a.m., Blogger EclectEcon said...

I would agree with everything you say, but Ms. Eclectic was so p-o'ed by the Alberta win that she changed the channels right at the end. I didn't even get to see the trophy or the sketchy interview. To be fair though, I didn't much care that I missed them. I really hate watching stock questions and cliched answers, which is what most post-game interviews turn into.

Having said all that, yes, I wonder whether Ray has much of analytical value to add sometimes. I quite enjoyed the morning sessions of the Scott with Russ and Kathy, and I generally enjoy Linda and Vic, but as I posted during the live-blogging, Ray was tending to babble more than usual. Babble and blather. Toward the end of the final, they could have greatly improved the telecast by turning off his mike. I wonder if he was ill or otherwise affected....

At 3/16/2009 8:19 a.m., Blogger Alan Adamson said...

And I would add that my favorite coverage was of the morning draws. It was a delight having them available to see (for that, thanks TSN!), and to be able to see them (thanks, early retirement!).


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