Saturday, March 14, 2009


We kick stones all the time at our local club. If a shot is obviously short of the hog line, there are several people who very obviously nudge them with their feet and laugh about it. But we're not in the championships, and even so we are very careful not to kick a shot that might matter.

So what was Jeff Stoughton thinking when he kicked that rock (yes, I know it was his own) in the 8th end. It likely would have stopped as a biter, and even if it had ended outside the rings, it might still have been in play. You know: chaos theory, butterfly wings, all that stuff. Having a biter or near biter on the side of the house could easily have influenced shots and shot decisions later in the end.

And where were the CCA officials? Why didn't they give Gushue the option about where to place the kicked rock? Or did they?

I expect we'll hear about it during tonight's semi-final.



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