Friday, March 13, 2009

2009 Brier - Page 1-2 Playoff

Alberta-Ontario again!

END #1:
Sorry - missed the first bit. Rocks in play all over!! Too hard to describe. There are eight rocks in the house!
Morris kills the guard and leaves three Alberta rocks in the house. Too good.
Hart puts a rock in the middle but Ontario is not happy.
Morris pushes it back. Howard is heavy - Alberta lie 3.
Martin puts a beauty into the house. We shall see where this leads.
Howard hits a gorgeous tapback into the nest of Alberta rocks.
Ontario steal one.
I am now switching venues.
END #2:
Venue switched. The configuration of rocks was so wild I could not have described it anyway. Alberta get one. I think I will give up. I expect Doc to be on scene by the break.
The sad truth is the Page 1-2 playoff does not really matter much. The loser continues through the playoffs, which may be reasonable but simply does not create a sense of urgency.

END #3:
Ontario biter - and a rock in the front 8-foot. Morris kills the biter and stays a biter at the back. Ontario toss up another rock in the house. Morris cleans one up. Hart spreads two apart. Martin nose hits one Ontario rock. Howard returns the favor. And vice versa, with a roll to the middle. A hit for two for Howard. Perfect.

Apologies to our readers but I must leave the scene.

Doc should be on board soon! Only a couple of lost ends.


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