Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Brier - Draw 17, Conclusion

Man-o-man. Russ Howard just made a draw through one of the narrowest ports I've ever seen, and saved one point but still trails by one without the hammer. Also, Northern Ontario just tied Quebec.

Interesting-er and interesting-er!

End #9, Ont v. Alb
Martin would like to blank this end or take two. He really doesn't want to be forced to take one and lose the hammer. Howard is trying to keep some rocks in play so Martin can't blank the end. Now it becomes a mind game to see who decides to try to come around the guard (plus two in the rings) first. Ray pointed out that at some point, Ont could run back their stone in the top 12 onto the yellow, setting up a situation in which Martin might be forced to take one.

Morris tries to go around, but is mostly exposed. After some discussion, Ont decides to try to freeze to the Alberta shot rock (Ont is 2, Alberta 3). Oops, Hart rubs off the red in the top 12 and is open. Morris makes a truly fine pick on it. Alberta is sitting 3, all lined up so they cannot all be removed at once.... or can they??? Howard tries for a double of those in the 4', but gets only one and is wide open. Hit and roll into the mess by Martin. Double by Howard leaves a draw for two for Martin.

Alberta 6, Ontario 5 after 9.

End #10
Please save us from pathetic announcer attempts at puns!
Ontario is one down with the hammer. Alberta keeps attempting double peels, but isn't successful. Ontario tries to freeze to an Alberta rock; didn't quite get it, and Alberta peels both it and their own. Alberta is shot, but Ontario tries to split the rings with their own stones, ignoring the Alberta stone.

Morris goes for a hit and roll off the exposed Ontario rock, but is still wide open. Hart's freeze attempt is too heavy and taps the Alberta rock back a bit. Martin, with his first stone, tries a weak tap back.

Howard tries a run-back thin double, but takes out only one. Martin does a nice draw, semi-buried. Howard opts to try a thin double for the win. Wrecks on the guard, gives up a steal of one:
Final: Alberta 7, Ontario 5, and Alberta goes through the round robin undefeated.



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