Tuesday, March 10, 2009

One End Only

Sorry - I explained this.
Howard and Howard versus Howard. Too attractive for words. I expect to die watching Steven Howard skip for Ontario in the Brier.
Elder Howard sits in the 8-foot. Younger puts up a corner guard in the opposite side. Elder guards his own rock on the other side. Younger clears the house. Elder wrecks on the guard but gets a rock into the edge of the house. That puppy is gone. It is so sweet seeing these two brothers together. They really are similar. Good runback and now the house seems empty. The elder gets a rock behind some guardedness; Hart removes it. Elder brother clears the house - not the plan.
Elder brother almost buries but no quite.
Younger brother has a decent tap-back for 2 and could make 3. It's 3! OK I am off to Russian art music.



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