Saturday, March 07, 2009

Brier - Draw #2

Not sure how long I will last here but I am game at the moment.
Have TSN picked Howard (Jr)- Gushue? This could be fun! That should keep me awake!
END #1: Ontario guard up front, ON rock in the house behind it. Second center-line guard closes the house. ON rock in the 12-foot out to the side. Lang cleans up a ton with one shot! OK I missed some exchanges - there is an open ON rock but some ON guards in front.
Nichols (NL) comes up a bit short.
The Howard team seem to learn and place a rock in the front of the 4-foot.
Gushue xrops one on the button!
(BTW this is aggressive brushing the women could not do.)
Howard comes up a tad short - NL might get in for two.
And they do with s great draw! 2-0 NL.
END #2: Police showed up at my door!
2-2 now.
END #3: Done for the night.
In the end Ontario win by way of some major misses from NL in the last end.


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