Monday, March 02, 2009

The Scotties Final My Thoughts

Thanks to Doc for covering the final so well. My domestic arrangements did not make the same commitment so easy. For what it's worth, I called BC to win, though the good thing is nobody bet with me so I do not need to buy any breakfast.
My impressions accord with Doc's and the Officer shot he refers to in the ninth end earned the same "Wow!" from me. I also thought the first five ends were a lot crisper than the last. I am not convinced that what I saw in the first five ends justifies a claim that either team could compete seriously against a top men's team. I do agree that either of these teams would beat the overwhelming majority of men's teams that exist, but I think that is true of the way they played in the last five ends too.
I generally now cheer against the Jones rink, but they have won three national championships, two of them from the tiebreaker, where you have to win four games in a row to prevail; that bespeaks impressive focus and determination. Late in the round-robin they were in no certainty of making the playoffs at all, but pulled up their socks and showed their mettle in several games that started very close, but were not so close at the end.



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