Friday, February 27, 2009

Page 1-2: BC v. Quebec

Well, after all the excitement in the tie-breaker, it sure is a let-down that TSN is showing an over-time hockey game, and TSN2 is showing basketball, and TSN.CA isn't showing anything so far as I can tell. Well, finally the hockey game is over. Now we have to wait for the intros to be completed.

It looks as if we'll miss only the first end, and BC blanked that one (according to CurlCast).

End #2:
Quebec sets up two corner guards, and they take turns trying to come around them. Quebec succeeds, but BC picks it out. BC freezes to a Q rock in the back 12, but Q misses its attempt to freeze. Mallett draws around the corner guard, but is a bit short of being 2nd shot. Larouche hits the BC rock in the back 12, forcing BC to draw for one.... barely.

Note: Does Mallett's eye makeup seem a bit more pronounced this evening??
BC 1, Q 0

End #3:
Gushulak hit and roll for BC, but it popped out. Q's LeMay hit it but didn't roll behind cover. Nice draw by MacInnes. Larouche is set up for a hit and flop with her first shot, but stuck wide open. Mallett with a nice hit and roll forces Larouche to draw for one (with a LOT of help from the front end!)
BC 1, Q 1

End #4:
A boring exchange of rocks in the rings after a Q guard slipped into the rings. The exchange continued until Mallett throws the hammer but misses the blank.
BC 2, Q 1

End #5:
BC set the end up well and was in a good position to take at least two. Larouche's last rock, though, was a nice draw, leading to consternation on the part of BC. Mallett picked it out. Larouch hit, but didn't roll, leaving Mallett with a hit for three. So Larouche is forced to draw for 1.
BC2, Q 2

fifth end break. More in the next posting (but again I likely will not finish and will not see the entire game).



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