Thursday, February 26, 2009

Draw 17: So Much Is On The Line!

Well, whatdya know: the featured game on TSN does not include Saskatchewan!

But all four of the games are crucial for at least one of the teams.
  1. Nfld needs to defeat NS to stay at only 5 losses and have a ghost of a chance of being in a tie-breaker.
  2. Ontario needs to defeat Alberta to stay at 5 losses and to drag Alberta down to 5 losses.
  3. Saskatchewan needs to beat Manitoba to avoid slipping to 5 losses and the monumental mess of tie-breakers.
  4. Canada must beat BC to avoid slipping to 5 losses.
So far, in the featured game, Canada/Jones took two in the first end and forced BC to take one in the second end. The Jones rink looks both concerned and determined to me. So far, the TSN announcers are puzzled that Jones seems to be playing the BC game of keeping things clean. So clean, in fact, that they managed to blank the third end.

We just realized that if Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Canada all win, there will five teams tied for second with records of 7-4. Fun stuff!!

In the 4th end, Mallett (BC skip) made a perfect hit and roll, forcing Jones to draw to the 8' to take one, but her shot was way too heavy and so BC stole one.

2-2 after the 4th end.

In the 5th end, the Jones rink had a chance to sit for three, but Overton-Clapham's 2nd shot rolled out, so in the end Team Canada scored two.

Canada 4, BC 2

Time for the fifth end break. Second half in a new posting.



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