Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Reflections from the Road

Ms. Eclectic and I were traveling a bit today, but we did manage to follow Alan's postings via our iPhones (thanks, Alan!). Unfortunately, the CurlCast stats require "flash" technology, which doesn't seem to work on iPhones.

At about 1:30pm, we stopped at Walker's Landing in Walkerton for some cider and lunch. While there, we managed to catch the 7th end of the Canada-Quebec draw. We couldn't hear the announcers, but what on earth were the skips doing in that end??? It looked as if Jones had things well in hand and then called a run back of her own rock, which knocked out their rock instead of the Quebec rock. And then Larouche made an equally puzzling call to hand the advantage right back to the Jones rink.

Around dinner time we ended up at The Albion in Bayfield. No cider there, dammit, not even in bottles. But they very pleasantly turned their tv from the golf channel to TSN so we could watch curling.

After watching Saskatchewan yet again (Ms. Eclectic was delighted, since she always cheers for the Sask teams), I confess to bemused confusion about Alan's nickname for the BC rink: all four curlers for Sask have bangs!

As the 9th end concluded, I happened to look at the Exeter weather radar on my iPhone and saw the freak and unanticipated snowstorm hitting our area, so, with Sask up by two, we left for home and figured we might make it home in time to see the last few shots of the 10th end. Alas, the storm was fairly serious, so we crept home, arriving only in time to learn there was to be an 11th end. Geez the Sask rink sure does look a lot better than they did in those first three games that they lost. Now they're in the thick of things. The way they're playing, it won't be the last we'll see of them. Sorry, Alan!

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