Monday, February 23, 2009

Scotties 2009 - Draw 6

Excellent - two undefeated teams - BC (bangs) versus Quebec (no bangs).
End #1 : Somewhat conservative end, with some misses. For a 3-0 record, Mallett has an oddly low shooting percentage (73% to Larouche's 83%). Larouche leaves a biter with her last rock. Mallett still blanks handily.
End #2: Perhaps the game has begun. Quebec guard up, and BC in behind it. Two Quebec rocks out front, two BC rocks in the house. This could be an interesting end. Wow - LeMay clears the house, except for her rock, now in the front of the house. BC kills it and sit in front of the house. Quebec reciprocate. BC wreck on a guard. There is a lot of obstacling in front of the house. Quebec draw in just behind the T-line, and not entirely covered. BC remove it, and stay open. Quebec do the same. BC wreck on a guard. Quebec toss up yet another guard, not quite where they wanted it. Nice BC hit and roll by Mallett, tucked in behind a few guards. Larouche for Quebec is just a little too heavy - Mallett can draw nicely for two. Howard does not like the initial broom placement, and BC narrow it per his specs. The draw is perfect. 2-0 BC
End #3: Was off making lunch. Russ Howard is impressed with the aggression of the Quebec team, ignoring a BC rock in the house, and trying to come around a guard - but they missed. BC toss a rock up in the very front of the house. Quebec remove it. BC put a guard up that does not guard. Quebec kill the BC rock in the house, and sit, but open. BC kill the Quebec rock and lose the shooter. Quebec tap one of their guards into the house. Thge port is minimal. Amazing shot - just clears guards and puts a BC rock behind some cover. Larouche now planning to follow Mallett in - she wrecks and adds another guard for the BC rock. Mallett puts a rock just behind the button behind a guard. It is behind the T-line so gives Larouche a shot for one. But a tough one. Quebec comes up short. BC steal one. 3-0 BC.
End #4: Meanwhile Saskatchewan may prevail in a match. At the moment I still yearn for an Ontario-Saskatchewan final, but it is not looking good. Lunch preparation is complicated so I have missed a few shots. BC has rocks in front of the house and in the house, and those aggressive Quebecers do not get into the house as planned and leave a rock in front. BC's Gushulak whacks the Quebec inadvertent guard. Quebec's next try goes through the house. BC's 'guard' comes into the rings. Quebec remove it but remain wide open. BC do roughly the same. Quebec have buried a non-shot rock now. Mallett misses tinily but puts an obstacle in Quebec's path. Larouche does not get what she wanted- her rock is totally open. Mallett kills the Quebec rock and Larouche must take one. And do, 3-1 BC
End #5: Again - off working on lunch. Quebec seem to have some problems in place and BC is hitting at the moment to clear things up. Mind wandered - but what a great shot - BC remove Quebec rock in the house. I have little useful to say about this end. Larouche gets a perfect roll onto the button on a late hit. Mallett clears it and sits two. Larouche leaves a BC rock in the rings after her hit. Mallett draws nicely for two. BC 5-1
Off to watch Law and Order and return later.
End #9: 7-4 BC. Probably no need to keep calling it. If it gets exciting I shall return.
Last end, I am pretty sure. Down to last skip rocks, BC ahead 7-5.
Quebec has one player with bangs, BC one player arguably without. Mallett has easy hit to win. And does.
Meanwhile, Andrea Kelly, who was also marvelous back in 2006, and started badly, now has a win from McCarville.
Lawton can go to 0-4. This does not seem right! She steals one in the tenth end to go to 1-3.
Meanwhile in their tenth end, NL decide to obstruct with a guard to keep the NWT/Y options small. The guard looks good. Galusha's shot is magnificent! She gets the two she needs, dragged by the sweepers. Extra end! Heather Strong's first rock clears up the house with a superb double. But her last shot leaves NWT/Y with a win.


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