Sunday, February 22, 2009

Scotties Round 3

TSN is featuring Saskatchewan-Ontario, so we see Lawton again.
First end - Saskatchewan put up a front guard, Ontario come around it. Russ Howard likes the apparent enterprise of both teams, not passively exploring the ice. It is one of my recollections of the 2006 Scotties Tournament I attended that McCarville's rink played quite fearlessly. Ontario get 2 in the first end.
End 2: Saskatchewan get 2.
End 3. Neither team can get behind two Saskatchewan rocks at the front of the house until McCarville's first rock finally executes the necessary hit and roll. Lawton tries to draw in behind but wrecks on one of her guards. McCarville throws a perfect draw through the hole for 2.
Ontario 4-2.
End 4: Ontario has a couple of rocks in the house behind the T-line. Saskatchewan's last second rock tucks behind a front guard enough that Ontario wrecks on the guard. Saskatchewan just gets a rock to touch the rings at the front - too light. Ontario lying three, again with two rocks available for a freeze. The attempted freeze is a big miss - too MUCH weight this time. McCarville overthrows a little and puts a rock on the button, according to Russ Howard, 'perfect' for a Lawton freeze. She is heavy too and her shot is fairly open, and removed handily by McCarville. Lawton has to draw against 5. Perfect rock to the button. Ontario 4-3 after 4.
End 5: Ooopps. Got to reading about Miley Cyrus but back. Saskatchewan has two buried on the button behind a front center-line guard and Ontario seem to be clearing their own rocks out of the house. Saskatchewan put another rock up in the front of the 8-foot. Ontario wrecks on the front guard. We are now up to third rocks. Saskatchewan inadvertently put another guard up beside the other one. Tara George's attempt to clear things up does not quite do it. Marliese Kasner deliberately tosses up another guard. George's response is no help - now two guards out front. Russ Howard points out that Ontario's shots have not missed by much, but all in just the wrong way. Lawton does not do what she wants but adds further obstruction in front of the house. McCarville is planning a raise - as I said above, fearless. Howard calls this a 'high degree of difficulty'. And it misses, opening the center a bit. Lawton puts a perfect guard up - there seems no way into the house. Howard thinks Ontario can play only to give up just two. She does it perfectly. Saskatchewan 5-4 after 5. This is turning into quite the roller-coaster ride.
End 6: Ice has been refreshed and it seems everyone is confused. Action now is all in the back of the house; Ontario missed a good freeze opportunity. Ontario is trying to find a spot into which to put a rock in front of Saskatchewan backing. Bad bump. Marliese Kasner cleans up somewhat of a mess. George almost freezes to the one remaining Saskatchewan rock, and Kasner just misses freezing to hers. George cleans up a bit too, but not quite as planned. Lawton's freeze attempt winds up beside the Ontario rock. McCarville hits it with a prefect roll. These two teams are SO much fun to watch! Open hit for McCarville for two. Perfect nose hit. After 6, 6-5 Ontario. Wow!!
End 7: Lost the thread a bit - I do have a life. But back in front of the screen. Three Ontario rocks in the house, Saskatchewan ignoring them. George's first rock wrecks on a guard. Saskatchewan has the counting rock and Kasner tosses up another guard. George tries again and makes it third rock - not an entirely great solution. Kasner clears the Ontario rock and sits under cover with another Saskatchewan rock. McCarville parks a rock in front of those, just in front of the T-line. Lawton misses a double attempt. To quote Howard again, "All of a sudden it was the wrong call". McCarville puts a rock in the 8-foot in front of her own. Lawton misses a planned double and now Ontario steals 1. Ontario 7-5 after 7.
End 8: Back from the kitchen, the first shot I see is an Ontario whiff. A couple of rocks later Saskatchewan manage a great hit and roll to lie 2 with good guards up front. Somewhat later, George just misses a great shot and creates an even bigger mess. Two guarded rocks in the house after Kasner puts up another guard. Ontario needs raises now - McCarville's first try gets rid of one Lawton rock. Lawton misses and now has a guard, to sounds of "Sorry". McCarville's draw attempt comes up a bit short, and does not get to being shot. Lawton has a draw for two, and puts it on the button. 7-all after 8!
End 9: Ontario surely wants to blank and early rocks seem to help them. No guards. Really clean end so far because of a Lana Vey small error. End is now an exchange of hit and sticks. Even worse, now an empty house, and McCarville JUST hangs onto the rings. Lawton knows about this from earlier in the match. (In the second end she got one from a bare biter.) Lawton hits and sticks. McCarville blanks perfectly. Woo-hoo!! Tied up into the final end! Can it be better?
End 10: Two Saskatchewan guards up front, two Ontario rocks in house. Saskatchewan comes into the house, but not counting at the moment. Ontario hits a guard but simply leave their own there. Saskatchewan now come in to the house, but behind the T-line, if buried. Ontario clear out the front guards finally. Kasner guards teh Saskatchewan rocks. George peels the guard. Kasner replaces it.Georgre - rinse, lather, and repeat. Lawton puts a guard back. Two Ontario stones and one Saskatchewan. McCarville gets aggressive and misses big, going through most of the house. McCarville must really be wondering about weight now. Lawton pust a great obstruction up in the front of the button. "Do you like this call, Russ?" "I don't like it if I am throwing it." STUNNING SHOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She bumps another Ontario rock into the button. Ontario win 8-7.
Can I dream this will be the final next ThursdaySunday (sorry - too excited)?


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