Saturday, February 21, 2009

Scotties Round 1

This is arguably the toughest women's curling competition in the world each year.
I plan to post odd comments as the first round is played.
Whom will we be seeing? Saskatchewan and BC. Delightfully, I know none of the BC people. Saskatchewan's Stephanie Lawton team are somewhat familiar to us.
First End: Second first Sask rock is terrible. OTOH BC's two rocks in the house are behind the T-line.
First BC second rock clears up much of the mess but not all of it. BC puts a rock in the front of the four-foot. Cleared now by Sask. Next BC shot sadly leaves a BC rock in the house as the whole residue.
House now empty. Big early nervous errors.
First end a tad weird, but blanked.
Second end:
BC start with two nice shots in the front to the four-foot. Sask replace the fron one with on of theirs. BC clear it, but a bit concerned about the ice speed. Sask clea rone of those and slide in really beautifully behing a guard of theirs on the right. BC almost freeze to that nice rock. The 'almnost' means it can be cleared.
Instead, Sask remove the other BC rock and bounce into the house in a pro.ected position. BC clears it cleanly, and now sit 2, doublable. They do not clear but are in great shape now.
Weird and messy house now. A miss but it leaves Sask with rocks up front. Brilliant shot leaves two Sask rocks counting. BC wants to double the Sask rocks out. Nope - leaves one of them still there and counting. Sask have to take one. And do.
Third end: Sorry - of on another deal
Fourth End:
Called away: Sask 5-2 after 5.


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