Thursday, January 29, 2009

Yikes It Is Thursday Isn't It? Live-Blogging Ontario Scotties

There is no way I can report this full match as my real priority is to watch Nadal-Verdasco at 3:30 am. Nonetheless it is a treat to see Alison Goring against Jenn Hanna in what appears to be part of the playdown for the Ontario representation at the Scotties Tournament of Hearts.
Hanna's rink took 2 in the first end.
Will report so long as I can but sleep beckons.
Just noticing in the second end that the Goring rink is yet another one that has someone other than the skip throwing skip stones. This has seemed to me a very logical development but was still uncommon when Doc and I started this blog.
Goring takes one in the second end. 2-1 Hanna. I am not sure I like Hanna's new hair colour (new since last time I saw her) - am I allowed to say that?
Hanna rink has started some freezing in the third end. I loved the comment, "They're going to make it a mess and then bang it around". The house is now really messy and dangerous - Hanna is sitting two but there are three Goring stones sitting on top of them. The latest shot removes one Goring stone but is otherwise not great - meanwhile the Goring rock is a disaster, almost removing control of the front of the house. The Hanna rock to follow is not so great either. One shot later we still have Hanna with a rock in the centre but threatening rocks around. With skip stones coming Goring has two rocks in the house and Hanna has decided to try to double them. That certainly did not work out. Goring has a beautiful target at the top fo the four-foot - great chance to force Hanna to take one. Nice shot - two Goring rocks now scoring - let us see what Hanna does. They take one really confidently.
I just realized we are the round-robin still. I need rest to strengthen to watch Vardesco-Nadal. Sorry - off to bed! If you really need to know what happens I did find the link.
Back for a second - just have to say Stephanie Hanna made a truly great shot in the fourth end to mess life up for Goring. And the shot required great brushing. (Stephanie's hair also has dubious color. And to be fair I would report the same way about the men if they had hair.)
That shot's influence was evanescent - in the fourth end she lets Goring take two. 3-all.
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