Saturday, January 10, 2009

Men vs. Women: A Small-Sample Observation

  • I know it's only one game.
  • I know it's a skins game, not a "real" game.
  • I realize I'm writing this after only the first three ends (of an eight-end game).
  • And I gather that Jennifer Jones has a bit of a cold.
But even though the Jones rink won the third end, it sure looks as if the Glenn Howard rink is going to win a lot of money in the Saturday night semi-finals at CasinoRama.

And if I'm wrong, I'll be happy to post that, too, when the game ends (assuming I see it -- switching back and forth between the curling and the NFL playoffs).

Update: As I expected, the Howard rink won 7 of the 8 ends. As Jones said in a pre-game interview, the men typically throw with more power and sweep harder, but the major difference in this game, and the difference I noticed when I posted on this topic in the previous posting, was that the men tended to be more accurate with their shots. Possibly that's because the men curl more than the women do.... I don't know. And if the men do curl more than the women, an interesting question is why that might be so.



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