Sunday, December 07, 2008

Capital One BDO Grand Slam of Curling - Middaugh-Gushue

OK I picked this up late but let's try to unfreeze our curling blogging!

End of 8th End. Score 3-3

Middaugh to freeze to Gushue rock just back of the button. Almost perfect. Gushues team clears the house.

Middaugh drops a nicely guarded shot into the 8-foot. Gushue decides to go tactical and ends with a messy shot at the back of the 8-foot. Middaugh's exploitation goes to far and leaves a hole for Gushue - it goes past the T-line, so Gushue can just go sit on it. He misses!

8 Ends? OK guys, I got to get back to watching.

Middaugh wins whatever competition this as.

I am not thinking the confusion about what the events are is good for this sport.


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