Saturday, June 14, 2008

Mike Moffatt Donates $25 to the Vanastra Curling Club

At the end of this past winter, concerned about his weight gain and deconditioning, Mike Moffatt of, undertook a commitment that if he didn't reach his body-mass-index goals for each of March, April, and May, he would pay $100 each, as directed by three economics bloggers for each of those months (a total of $900 -- three $100 payments each month). Most of us invited to participate in his challenge listed charities or worthy organizations as recipients of his money, should he have been unsuccessful. Others, to generate a stronger incentive for Mike, promised to use his money on wine and cigars and send him photos if he was unsuccessful.

When Mike (a former student) invited me to participate in his incentive-laden challenge, I named the Vanastra Curling Club as the potential recipient of his $100 if he didn't reach his goal for the month of May.

Happily for Mike, he reached his goals each month. And in his joy, he has committed to making a contribution of $25 to each of the charities or organizations listed by those of us who listed them (rather than saying we'd take his money and fritter it on wine and cigars -- Mike is donating that money to charities of his own choosing). Thanks, Mike!


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