Friday, August 29, 2008

Good Grief. They had to send a few coaches on a Junket for THIS???

From Curl-TV,
The Canadian Olympic Committee recently sent 10 people who coach athletes with the potential to participate in Vancouver in 2010, to the Summer Games in Beijing. Coaches Janet Arnott from team Jennifer Jones and Scott Taylor of team Glenn Howard spent some time in Beijing along with 8 other coaches from winter sports to gain experience at the Olympics. Both teams Jones and Howard have secured spots for themselves in the upcoming Olympic trials.

Coaches Arnott and Taylor were in Beijing from August 12 to 16 to become familiar with all the behind the scenes areas such as accommodation, media, transportation, medical, and security. The Canadian Olympic Committee hoped that by exposing the coaches to the day to day routines of the Summer Games in Beijing, it will reduce the number of surprises and distractions if and when their athletes make it to the Olympics.

“The big thing for us was just to look at the logistics and see and to see how difficult it can be to get around. Security is very important and any time you go into a venue, it’s like clearing security when you get on an airplane” said Taylor

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