Saturday, January 24, 2009

Howard-Burtnyk in the Quarters at the CaptialOne Championship

Live-blogging - but I promise this will be REALLY spotty. Here is tournament info.
End 1: Howard missed a great opportunity to roll into cover and steal 1. As it stands he pretty much forced Burtnyk to take one with the hammer.
End 2: First third rocks from Hart and follower from Walchuk are both bad misses. Burtnyk's first rock fails its goal of clearing the house of Howard rocks. Howard still counts one. Howard adds a rock to the house. Burtnyk gets rid of some, leaving Howard an easy double for two. Howard gets two.
End 3: Burtnyk gets one. I simply do not understand that end - perhaps it was mostly missed shots.
End 4: Walchuk and Hart both miss key opportunities to set the house up as wanted. After some messiness Howard scores 2.
End 5: Howard mostly trying to clean up though the house keeps filling. Somehow the demographics of this sport do not look too good. Combine pictures of the audience ("There are MY people") with the fact that one key advertiser is "Grey Power" (Insurance, I think) and another is Jeld-Wen windows (I bought a bunch of those but they were at the high end of my scale then). Howard misses a planned double. Burtnyk draws for two.
End 6: Hart's first shot is a big miss. Burtnyk gets a chance to put his last rock behind cover. Howard accepts the price and takes one.
End 7: Some early complexity - Hart finally cleans the house up quite a bit. Burtnyk decides to play for the blank and succeeds. Heading to the final end Howard has a one-point lead, and Burtnyk last rock Classic!
End 8: Growing messy pile of rocks - is this good for Burtnyk's double or a Howard steal? Yeah - maybe. Hart has left a little opportunity, and despite the delightful and unusual (today) sight of Don Walchuk firing on all cylinders, the shot misses badly. Howard tosses up what he wants to be an annoying guard, but Burtnyk has hope of blowing the mess away. Walchuk is coming again in a nuclear way. It does not do much - no sweeping at all - the Don Walchuk I remember and love.
There is a Howard rock on the button but there are ways of getting at it. Howard's first shot sits up front but does not really close all the paths for Burtnyk. There is now chatter about an extra end. Burtnyk gets aggressive and tosses a rock into the rings - it goes WAY too deep.
Howard leaves Burtnyk a tricky raise. And he misses!


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