Sunday, January 25, 2009

Howard-Martin - Can It Be Better

I did not even know there was a Grand Slam in Curling. Seems one of Martin and Howard have not won this component. I cannot recall which but can likely be back later. Not quite like the well-defined Tennis Grand Slams.

End 1: Martin gets the first-end hammer. Neither team seems wedded to simplicity so we are building a crowded house. First cleanup attempt by the Martin rink slightly backfires. Lang's guard is no guard. Hart dices and slices on his first shot, sliding through guard like crazy. And Morris follows! Hart follows nicely but wow these guys are good. Morris wants to invite Howard to make a good shot - love this! He draws brilliantly behind two Howard front rocks. This is so wonderful!
Howard follows the rock in to sit on top of it. This is going to be one truly entertaining end.
As Mike Harris says, "This is a spectacular opener".
Martin's shot is utterly amazing. A major in-off.
This is only the first end!!
Howard tries to clear all the Martin trouble in the house and gets some of it gone. He may have saved the day.
Martin delicately knocks off a Martin rock and scores 2. Howard is to a degree lucky.
But hey look! If every end is like this I cannot keep up!
Apparently during the ad break Howard commented to Martin, "Eight perfect shots (every one) and we are lucky not to be down three".
This is the delicacy of this great sport.
This was too good.
OK sorry too caught up in End 1. Morris blows it a bit. Howard come in and hide between Msrtin rocks (just a GREAT Hart shot). Though Martin can blast. And does.
Howard tries to hide a rock but it leaves Martin lots of abilities. Martin misses and Howard draws very comfortably for two.
End #3: Was out of it for a bit.
Apparently Morris made two bad shots.
With Martin's last shot to come there are three counting Howard rocks. Martin gets his single.
These guys are good!
End #4. Nobody is happy. Howard takes 2. Sorry - my brain was elsewhere.
End #5 : Trying to figure out where things are. Apparently Morris needs to be told he is a screwup and won't like that. I do not like that either.
House is a mess as a rejoin with my brain. Next Morris rock is decent but looks vulnerable to me (but what do I know?). Hmm - not interested in Morris rock for now - planning to hit their own - seems not quite as planned but nobody is suicidal at this point on the Howard team. Howard is looking for a double on the next shot. Martin's shot is an utter miss. Steal of one for Howard. I think this is the end for me, especially having heard, "Oh F**k" on my TSN screen!
BTW - wandered off. Howard won! Thanks to Doc for covering with slightly more precise coverage!


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