Sunday, January 25, 2009

7th End; Language

I don't mind swearing. I do it a lot myself.... 8-)....
But I thought all these telecasts were on a 3-second delay so the directors and editors could cut out the swearing (remember Connie Laliberte way back when, before the tape delays? She realized she had sworn on air and got the giggles, but was too embarrassed to explain it on air to her teammates because she couldn't turn her mike off).

As the 7th end begins, Martin sets up short- and long- guards, and Howard goes into the house. Then with the seconds' rocks, Howard peels and Martin replaces. But Morris's first guard is too close to the other long guard, setting up a double peel by Hart (Howard's Vice). More in a bit after the discussion among the Howard team concludes.
Howard has Hart peel a guard. Martin puts up another guard. With his first stone, Howard does a delicate tap-tap, moving Martin's rock off the button. Martin then draws through a port, pushing Howard's stone to the back, and excellent shot. Howard decides to throw up-weight to go for one, but a backup plan is to give up a steal of one.

Miracle shot!! A very thin double! He threw enough weight that by accident, he clipped the top stone, driving it out and continued to catch enough of the other stone in the four-foot rings to drive it out, too, thus scoring 3! Martin concedes.

Howard was mightly lucky with that last shot. But even without that luck, he was in good shape. He'd have either been up two without the hammer or tied with the hammer going home.

Overall a fun match to watch. Howard 8, Martin 4.

One thing I've noticed about curling: I cheer for (nearly) all the teams to win.

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