Friday, January 30, 2009

Ontario Scotties Playdowns

I think we are in the last session of the round-robin. As is so often the case, the standings for the outcome of the round-robin are in play in a major way.
I was not watching partly because I was working, and partly because for some reason TVCogeco was broadcasting a match between two teams that are certain not to make the playoffs. They have switched their attention now to Jenn Hanna again, struggling to make the playoff rounds, playing against Ashley Miharija, who is there only as a spoiler now.
Certain to make the playoffs is the Krista McCarville rink (I remember her!). She will finish at worst at 6-3. Also at 6-3 now is the Julie Hastings rink.
Hanna has missed a key double allowing a steal, and falling back by 3 after 9 ends. She looks to be heading to a 5-4 record.
Middaugh and Goring are both at 5-3 so one will finish with a 6-3 record, the other with 5-4.
Julie Reddick may also get to 5-4 if her rink defeats McArville's.
So the likely cluster at 5-4 will have more work (unless there is some other tiebreak mechanism than actually playing matches - I do not know - the only documentation I can find is rather feeble).
UPDATE: I found this.
UPDATE: Hanna has lost and finishes at 5-4.
The announcers don't seem very good at math - they do not recognize that 5-4 gets into tiebreakers. Aha - Marilyn Bodogh just figured that out. And it does seem there will be tiebreakers. Unfortunately TVCogeco seems to have some ice hockey broadcast planned and I doubt they will bump that for this far more compelling sport.
SIDE COMMENT: Wow a lot of these players look very young to me, especially some of the skips, but that may have less to do with the age profile of the field than with other developments.
UPDATE: Middaugh beats Goring. Hastings seems to be #1 also at 6-3.
UPDATE: McCarville draws for 1 to push her match into an extra end. The male announcer has a lot of difficulty with the math of the standings. Bodogh has been polite.
UPDATE: If the Reddick rink heads for the Nationals, we may have the loudest "Hurry hard" I can recall.
UPDATE: Reddick wins. Hastings is #1, McCarville #2, Middaugh #3, and Goring, Hanna, and Reddick head into tiebreakers. Hanna-Reddick tonight. Winner will play Goring. I will check the local cable channel at 7 or so and hope, but I am not dreaming!


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