Monday, February 02, 2009

McCarville Represents Ontario in the Scotties

I did not manage to see the whole McCarville-Goring match, as I had responsibilities elsewhere.
But what I saw was wonderful - four straight blanked ends! I am not sure I have ever seen the like.
I remain skeptical of the "steal one-take two" strategy and would love to see a Sabermetrics study of it, but the ability to blank four ends impresses me no end.
After those ends I had to leave, but Krista ScharfMcCarville is back to the Scotties, I think for the first time since Doc and I were the main media people at the event.
Congratulations to the McCarville rink! We were big fans then and surely will be again.
UPDATE: I think I am wrong and McCarville's rink has been at the Scotties when I failed to notice. This could only be because my work life interfered with proper attention.


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