Saturday, January 31, 2009

Goring-Hanna at 9 this Morning

I am hoping the local cable channel comes through. Reddick missed a shot badly, needing to get 2 rocks in the House and having only her own skip shots left (and the hammer). There two Goring rocks in the back to serve as potential backing, but Reddick's first shot went through the house.
To a degree her prospects for the 2 points needed to tie the match were seriously reduced when her team's first rock came up too short and too wide to be an effective guard.
UPDATE: Not on local Cable and that sucks. 4-all after 5!
UPDATE: This is appalling. 5-5 after 7. And the local cable channel is playing all this multicultural stuff. (Ukrainian pop songs do have some merits, though.)
UPDATE: Hanna up by 1 heading into the 10th end, with Goring holding the hammer.
UPDATE: Extra end. Tied 7-7 after 10. Hanna has hammer.
UPDATE: Goring steals 2 and wins.


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