Sunday, February 22, 2009

Scotties Round 3 not done

Newfoundland-Labrador and British Columbia in extra ends!
Two NL guards up front and a BC rock also up front, having wrecked on a guard. BC rock at the back of the button.
NL freeze attempt is vulnerable.
Rather than clear guards, BC goes after the rock in the house and simply promote the enemy rock.
NL put another guard in place, with a rock on the button, and NOT with the hammer.
Now BC clear the two center guards.
Cathy Cunningham puts up a pretty decent NL center-line guard.
BC really clean up the middle!
NL put another guard up but there is room to get by. BC go after the guard. And clear it nicely.
NL guard replacement is pretty short.
BC's skip, Marla Mallett (I really like her bangs) does not quite get rid of the NL counter - comes into the house, and does open up the button.
NL still shot rock - want time out to consider.
Heather Strong places a rock in the front of the button behind some guard.
Mallett punches Strong's rock out! Wow - she stole two in the 10th from Lawton yesterday. Mallett is causing trouble!


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