Tuesday, February 24, 2009

She's Got a Great Future in This Game

Uttered a few minutes ago about Andrea Kelly, New Brunswick Skip, in the midst of a battle against the Bangs team from BC.
But I thought about the claim. I recall Kelly vividly from the Scott Tournament Doc and I covered.
So what about her future?
In the Canadian system, though she is apparently shooting the best among all the skips being rated, she can recruit her team only from New Brunswick, and really gets no chance to play in any larger context without people she can persuade to move to New Brunswick.
This regionalism kills curling as a sport. Each year I keep hearing praise of our regional system. I think this is utter nonsense.
A little more money in the sport and it would not matter - people could be properly paid to move (Coase Theorem.). We see this already in the men's game (John Morris).
Could Curling Canada ever break this stupid geography worship? I doubt it.
But I wish they could. An Andrea Kelly not bound to recruit from inside New Brunswick could create a far more entertaining team.


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