Monday, February 23, 2009

CurlTV in Korea?

According to all the advance material I have seen, nobody in Canada will be televising any of the round robin games of the Women's World Curling Championships in 2009 from Korea. So I looked to see what draws CurlTV might be showing on their internet tv service.

When I couldn't find an answer on the CurlTV website, I wrote them, and received a very quick response:
Unfortunately it is too early to know which draws we will be covering form the World Women’s in Korea in March. The event is just under four weeks away and we will likely not know the broadcast schedule until a week or two before the event begins.
Does anyone have any information about other possible ways to watch those draws? Ms. Eclectic and (and apparently Alan, too) are erratic sleepers, and watching the worlds during the middle of the night might be a great option for us and many others.



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