Wednesday, February 25, 2009

TSN - Lawton yet yet again!? I quit

I refuse to blog about this featured round. This has become ridiculous.
UPDATE: OK OK It is after all involving Cheryl Bernard and Marliese Kasner.
End #1: Saskatchewan go very aggressive but are undermined by a great Alberta rock. Alberta stunningly force Lawton to take one. Which she gets.
I am pretty sure Bernard's Joan Crawford eyebrows involve the use of makeup.
End #2: Alberta draw for one. And get it.
End #3: Focus on dinner for me. Missed most of the end. Blanked.
End #4: Lawton comes up short on their first skip shot. Bernard tosses up an obstruction. Lawton has only an angle raise. She whiffs and Alberta steal 1.
End #5: Kasner clears away some guards very nicely. Alberta does not get guards quite where they want. Lawton misses nonetheless so Alberta steal one more.
As much as it annoys me that TSN keeps featuring Saskatchewan, I can watch Marliese Kasner until the cows come home.
End #6: Lawton needs and makes a great runback to lie one. Bernard plans a wildish in-off; it backfires. Lawton can draw for two. 3-3.
End 7: Bernard takes 1 after a lot of mess.
The cows came home - I am out of here (maybe).


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