Thursday, February 26, 2009

Not Saskatchewan!

I am confident this morning's 15th Draw telecast will NOT feature the Saskatchewan rink. I hope it will be PEI-Team Canada, as that appears to be the only match between teams both contending for the playoffs.
Also, later today I will verify the claim that the whole Saskatchewan team feature bangs. I think my obsession about BC is just that Marla Mallett's are so aggressive. (That is a compliment.)
Woo-hoo! It is Canada-PEI!
PEI will certainly have earned their way into the playoffs if they survive today - they play Team Canada and then BC.
End #1: Jones makes a fine shot at to nudge a PEI rock after a lot of complication. She had hoped to demote it to third counter - it takes a measurement to decide on her success. And a long measurement! In the end Canada get only one.
End #2: Cathy Overton buries a shot perfectly behind a PEI center-line guard and Rebecca MacPhee removes it summarily and sticks. Jones hits and rolls behind some guards on the left. Robyn MacPhee goes a bit deeper than she wanted behind the center guard. Jones comes and sits on top of it on the button. MacPhee nudges it. Another measurement! This could be one long draw if we need measurement in every end. Team Canada get a steal of 1.
End #3: Sorry - my mind was wandering - after all, Tiger is back on The Golf Channel! PEI blank the third.
End #4: PEI take 2. Nobody actually tries to make much of a play with the last couple of rocks, the scene having become so messy.
End #5: Apologies - letting my few remaining responsibilities that resemble work interfere. Somehow PEI stole 2.
End #6: Team Canada get 2 back. This is turning into a heck of a match. Sadly my mind must be mostly elsewhere.
End #7: Omigosh - Team Canada have created a brutal house. Can PEI even get one? Nope - steal of two for Team Canada.
Hmm we are in End #9 and it is 6-all! I just looked up.
Jones' first rock in this end slides past a bunch of PEI rocks. She gives up a steal of one but goes to the tenth end with the hammer so is probably not too fussed.
Amazing - I look up again and see it is 7-7 after ten ends! Into an extra end and PEI have the hammer. Might Team Canada miss the playoffs?
End #11: Brilliant come-around by Canada, and PEI clean away the center guard. Jones makes a bad shot. PEI win.


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