Friday, February 27, 2009

Canada-PEI Tiebreaker

End #1: PEI with the hammer in the first end. PEI fails to get around the Team Canada guard. Askin is in now behind the front guards and in front of the T-line. PEI now trying to clean up the front of the house - full of nonsense right now. Current shot helped a small bit.
Jennifer Jones produces one of the most beautiful smiles I have ever seen in my life.
Canada now has two rocks guarded nicely in the house so I can see the reason for the smile.
PEI clean up the front a tad. After some exchanges, we have the front more open but Canada rocks still dominating the house. Likely a pick on an Overton rock and PEI bury a rock beautifully on the center line. Jones taps it back perfectly and Jones sits two.
MacPhee doubles the two Team Canada rocks out! Very pretty. Jones leaves MacPhee a shot at blanking. And they do!
End #2: OK I am sadly forgetful - there was MacPhee content in the Gaudet rink. Someone please enlighten me!
Anyway back to actual curling!
PEI now have two rocks in the house behind a Canada guard!
Officer blasts the Canada guard away and the shooter. (Can Officer ever blast!)
PEI put a rock out in the 12-foot on the right side. (They have two in the middle of the house.) Well, they did until Officer blasted them out - Canada rock over near the remaining PEI rock. Muzika makes a great shot - removes Officer rock and rolls into the middle.
Straight hit from Canada. And PEI do the same. And then Overton. And now MacPhee (the Rebecca version).
PEI is not going to roll over to Team Canada!
Exchanges continue. PEI make a big mis
End #3: No credit to anyone so far. Askin makes a great shot through a couple of holes to get a Canada rock up front. PEI sink a beauty in behind cover. Everyone is laughing. It was that good. Canada clean up the front - PEI guard out front and rock in the front of the 12-foot.
PEI put a rock a bit too deep - just behind the T-line behind the guard. Canada out a guard up in front of it.
Jones has to draw for one. PEI have a sure steal of one, noe measuring for two.
These MacPhees are real!
Overton comes back into the top of the 8-foot, but not shot.
PEI is happy to guard and Rebecca wrecks on the center guard but remains an obstruction.
Jones' first rock is way too light. PEI still has shot.
They plan to tap a rock into second shot behind cover. And they do!!
Jones comes up off the mark and yields a steal of two to PEI.
These MacPhees are pretty spectacular!
End #4:
This is stunning - PEI ahead 3-0 over Team Canada. But PEI has played very well all week so we should not be too surprised.
My mind wandered but this is not looking pretty for Jones. PEI rocks all over the front of the house.
I have to apologize - distracted by my shambling representative of work responsibility. PEI still own the front of the house, though Overton cleaned things up a bit. Sorry - more distraction. Jones really has to draw in to stop the destruction. Sweepers drag the rock into the top 4 - utterly brilliant. MacPhee clears it - Jones makes a totally brilliant double and score two! The game is ON!
End #5: Mind wandering again!
I need to focus my life more on this.
I am still absorbing the fact that the fabulous Cathy Overton, with 10 appearances at Nationals, has the most of those of any Manitoban.
As I reflect on this she makes a great shot.
Too many Canada rocks in the front of the 8-foot - front guards are now gone.
Sorry - too much distraction lately.
First skip PEI rock comes up way short.
Two Canada rocks in the 8-foot. Jones will guard. Not lousily. PEI has to draw against two. Hmm no - maybe a tap. Yes it is a raise of a rock in teh 12-foot though I hear her say "I like the draw:.
It's the draw! And she hits a guard but make it!
4-2 PEI into the break.
End #6:
PEI's Lowther screws up her first shot by going too deep and the next one comes up too light. Askin attacks and sits in the top of the 8-foot. PEI wreck on a guard. Officer knocks the Canda rock out. (Not good.) PEI kill the Canada rock - their rock is open. Officer wrecks mildly on a guard and ends up behind the T-line. Not ideal.
Looked away - that rock is gone. Overton's shot looks useless - almost through the house.
PEI now put a beauty in the fron of the 8-foot behind cover. Overton wrecks on a guard and finishes in the 8-foot. Robyn MacPhee cleans the house up and lise 4! Wow. This is one heck of a team! Jones totally wrecks on a guard. Robyn MacPhee puts a rock into a very annoying place for Canda, ignoring Canada's fumbled rock.
Jones will try to draw against 4. Wow! She too wrecks on a guard but scores her one! After all, she IS Jennifer Jones!
End #7: Wandered off for a bit. Canada finally get a rock to the back of the button, surrounded by PEI rocks. Simplest description is Canada screwed up. Each team tries to lose the end and PEI fails and succeeds by taking one. 5-3 PEI.
End #8:
By halfway through Muzika did the needed destruction. Officer and a MacPhee screw up. Cathy O gets to the button. PEI clean up the house! It was a miss but a luck one.
Great sequence as the MacPhees debate the shot except for the fact that hey agreed!
Jones misses a shot and the MacPhees clean things up. They are tough!
Team Canada choose to blank. This is by NO means over.
End #9: At this point I no longer miss Gaudet. These MacPhees are spectacular!
Sorry - no details. 5-4 PEI with the hammer after 9! Can it get more exciting?!
End# 10: Canada have a couple of good center-line guards. And the PEI front end have done nothing ti remove them.
Officer puts a decent shot into the house and Muzika kills one guard.
Officer does something that makes nobody happy.
Muzika misses. Canada rocks everywhere. Major cleanup by PEI but Canada can still be trouble, And are - burying a rock behind protection in the 8-foot. PEI fail to clear it.
Wow!! At the end PEI have a stark choice - give Jones credit - she is one major survivor.
PEI screw up on their second last shot. PEI need a draw to the button to win.
This has really been exciting and I think Jones may yet win.
OK Well not yet. Extra end!
PEI tick the first Canada guard perfectly. And again!! This is really impressive.
And probably incomprehensible to a non-curling fan.
PEI make a total miss.
Overton comes up short.
One of the MacPhees cleans up a bit of stuff.
Overton gets to the top of the 12-foot.
PEI seem to have cleared some other guard I failed to notice.
Jones places yet another guard.
A MacPhee removes another front guard.
Jones is coming into the house. She is not simply beautiful, but also really tough.
This is just too great!
Her shot is brilliant!
PEI has to win to win,
I think Canada just make it.
This is heartbreaking in a way - PEI REALLY deserved to go forward.
But crazily so did Jones.


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