Thursday, February 26, 2009

Draw 17: Second half

After the first five ends, Team Canada leads BC 4-2, and BC has the hammer.

Great quote from Cathy Overton-Clapham during the break:
Jenn's in her own little space and we let her stay there
Judging from the conversations and announcers' comments, it sounds as if Team Canada didn't scout BC's proclivity for hitting very well. I don't understand Jones's decision with her last rock. She tried a hit with minor roll and seems to have gotten it, forcing Mallett to try for one; Ms. Eclectic and I wondered why she didn't draw around the BC guards. Mallett's draw percentage is pretty low, and forcing her to draw seems as if it would be a good strategy. Mallett tries for a hit and stick instead of a draw and sticks it.

Canada 4, BC 3 after six.
Jones has the hammer. With her first stone, she took waaayyy too much ice and was wide open. Mallett hit, but didn't roll. Wide open, allowing a Jones hit-and-stick for one.

Canada 5, BC 3 after seven. BC has the hammer.

I'm fading fast. It's been a long day. I'm not even sure I'll see the end, which is annoying, to say the least.

Cathy OC is narrow, yet again! and jams a double attempt, leaving BC sitting 1-2. Nice tap up and split by BC to sit three. Jones goes for the triple, got two of 'em, leaving BC sitting shot, but Canada has the next three. BC can split the rings and guarantee two. Wtf are they dithering about? Even a novice like me can see the shot. But remember Mallett's draw percentage is only 67%, and indeed, her first attempt is two feet too heavy. Jones peels the shot rock, leaving Mallett with an attempt at a double for two or a draw for one. She opts to try for the double. Linda and Ray both say it'll be a difficult shot. She made the double but lost the shooter.

After 8 ends, Canada 5, BC 4; Canada has the hammer.

No more from me for tonight.... too bad....



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