Friday, February 27, 2009

The Day Ahead

This should be fun. I would NEVER have picked the MacPhee rink to be in it still - I was casually and ignorantly sorry not to see Gaudet here, remembering her stunning Scott debut still from a few years ago. But the MacPhee rink has been impressive. And they will be challenging Canada in the first tiebreaker today.
Later, and likely unwitnessed by me live, will be the 1-2 Page playoff game (I hope Doc can blog it), which really does not have much in the way of consequences, as both teams remain alive at the end.
From what I have seen, both BC and Quebec have earned their part in that game. And for all my complaints about the over-exposure of Saskatchewan on TSN this week, I look forward to watching them in the 3-4 Page playoff game.
There is really no rink that has been unwilling to play aggressively. BC do love the hitting but their games have been an entertainment. Rules changes can sure help cure a sport. To think that even Kevin Martin has become a tactician!


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