Sunday, March 01, 2009

2009 Scott Final, Ends 6 - 8

End #6:
This is a bit of a surprise: the guards aren't there, and a hit-stick-hit-stick-etc. game ensues. How long before someone in the crowd shouts "boring!"

Team Canada lost its shooter, and then BC's draw went through the rings. But then Cathy O draws to the 4' to set it all in motion again. Mallett blanks the end.

Still Canada 5, BC 4

End #7:
Askin's second lead stone for Team Canada slipped through the rings instead of staying in behind the guard. The game is afoot! BC has two sort of behind the guard in the rings, but there's a pretty straight-forward double opportunity for Officer. The runback of the guard eliminates one BC rock and moves the other out into the 12' in the open. BC responds with a draw to the opposite side to split the rings, which should preserve 2 points for BC under normal conditions.

Nice hit and roll by Team Canada, but the teams keep swapping hits and rolls, with BC unable to roll way to the opposite side of their rock at 2nd shot, and Team Canada unable to roll behind the guard(s). This is beginning to look like good club curling; okay, good, but nowhere near as good as the first five ends.

If either team misses worse or actually makes the hit and roll, the end will be more exciting than this. Oops. Mallet's hit-and -stick leaves Team Canada with 2nd shot, so BC is not sitting 1-2. So with her last rock, Jones goes after the open BC shot rock, and get a nice inside roll. BC has to draw to the close 8' just to get one, but she was light and wrecked on the guard. Jones out-skipped Mallett on this end. Canada steals two.

Canada 7, BC 4

End #8:
Team Canada opens with rocks in the rings, BC with a corner guard. After a BC come-around, Officer removes that and one of the Canada rocks behind the t-line. BC puts one behind the corner guard, and Officer peels the guard. Gushulak tries to replace the guard but ends up within six inches of the other BC stone, leaving a double for Cathy O which also removed the remaining Canada rock at the back of the house and leaving only one red in the house.

BC guard, Canada peel. MacInnes tries for the freeze but bumps off the Canada rock and is exposed.

Man-o-man, Mallett sends her first rock through the rings. Jones tried to block the button, but ended up frozen to her own stone at the back of the four. Mallet draws up to it to score one.

Canada 7, BC 5



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Love the work you do! I'm a Maniotba ex-pat living in Ontario with no television, so it's your blog and CurlCAST. Thank you thank you thank you!!!


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