Sunday, March 01, 2009

The 2009 Scott Final: BC v. Team Canada, First Three Ends

Well, hallelujah! TSN is now showing the final, after having missed only the first 12 or so rocks of the first end. CurlCast had indicated that BC was tremendously outcurling Team Canada this end, but as we join the end in process, we see that Jones is lying one but Mallett might be able to pull off an angle raise to take two instead of giving up a steal of one. But she overcurled and gave up one.

Canada 1, BC 0

End #2:
The front end of BC out-curled Team Canada in the first end, but the back end of Team Canada outcurled BC. BC has the hammer as this second end begins. Of course TSN has to show all its intro crap while the leads are throwing their rocks. Grrrrr.

Beautiful hit-and-roll from Brown (BC lead), but it was open, letting Office (Canada 2nd) hit and stick. Already, this early in the end, Team Canada is splitting the rings in an attempt to force BC to take one this end.

Cute fan song: "Jeepers, Creepers! Where'd you get those sweepers?"

Bit of an overcurl by Cathy O (Canada 3rd) led to a jam, leaving BC's rock in the rings as shot rock, but ensuing draw by MacInnes (BC 3rd) was a bit open and peeled out. More shot exchanges, but BC looks to be in a good position to take two. Jones hits and sticks with her first stone. A series of hits and sticks ends as expected, with BC scoring 2.

BC 2, Canada 1

End #3
After a missed attempt at a pick by Brown (BC lead), Canada put a 2nd rock in the rings, and the Gushulak (BC 2nd) made a miracle double, knocking both Team Canada stones out of the house.

Great shot by Cathy O to move two BC rocks, followed by an equally great runback from MacInnes to move the Team Canada rocks to the outer rings. As we move to skips' stones, Canada sits one, two and four with one rock on the pin hole and all the other rocks in the outer rings.

Good, but not perfect, freeze by Mallett to the shot rock on the button, but it isn't pickable. So Jones is reduced to removing the guard. Mallett puts up another guard (while Ms. Eclectic, Vic, and I all prefer the 3-inch tap of their own rock on the button). Jones is reduced to trying to draw to a small piece of the button to try for two, and WOW she got it.

Canada 3, BC 2

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